Weekend Wrap-up

I had wanted to post this last night, but our trip home was HORRIBLE and I ended up not getting back to New Jersey until 11:30 last night, but more on that later.

I woke up very early on Friday morning to finish last-minute packing, and because I was so excited to be going to Baltimore. My kids and I have always been very close, and I have never been so far away from them for so long, so any chance to see them is precious to me. We arrived at the Greyhound station at 9:00 in the morning, excited for the weekend. I should mention, during the packing, and waiting at Greyhound, through a two-hour bus ride, and on to my daughter’s house, I was fielding fallout from my blog via text message. That is a whole other blog post for another day. This weekend was too amazing to share space.


These two beauties were waiting to greet us, which made me happier than I can even explain. My grand-daughter Ava is six months old now, and is playful, and funny, and so, so happy it’s impossible not to be happy around her. My daughter Allie is beautiful as ever, and has a different hair color every time I see her. This month is red, and after I got used to it, I really started to like it a lot.


I spent a wonderful day with the girls, my son Matthew , and Sam. It was great to be able to be together again. Later that evening, I left to go to S.G.’s house. She lives about an hour away from where I was, but even though she works two full-time jobs, mostly outdoors in 90+ degree heat, even though she takes care of literally her entire family, when I am in Baltimore, she always comes to see me.

On Saturday, S.G. went to work very early, and I played with her dogs, read, and talked with her neighbors until she came home. We sat on her porch talking for a while, and suddenly S.G. said we had to take a walk. I thought that was odd, but she very often takes care of different people’s animals if they are away, so I figured we were going to feed someone’s dog or cat. Halfway down the road, she pulled something out of her pocket and said “here, take this for me.” I reached behind me, and she put a key in my hand. “What is this?” I asked her. “It’s the key to your car,” she said, completely straight-faced. “Wha..It’s what?” I asked, totally confused. “This is your car,” she explained, pointing to the car parked next to her. “Do you want to drive it?”20160828_152828

“YOU BOUGHT ME A CAR???” I was in complete shock. I have not owned a car in over fourteen years. While I lived in Baltimore, it was never really a problem, I could still get everywhere I wanted to be without having to rely on anyone. In New Jersey, there is no public transportation where I live, and I have felt like all of my independence has been stripped away from me since I got here.

She bought me a car. Not only that, she got it freshly painted, brand new tires, new radio, freshly charged air conditioner, this girl did it all. I was temporarily unable to breathe, and all she said was “Happy birthday, do you want to drive it?”

I cannot explain how radically she has just changed my life. I can do so much more now, for myself, and more importantly for my kids. I have really tried not to complain too much about my lack of a car since I moved here, because I don’t want to be that person who is always unhappy, always complaining. I have to tell you, not having a car sucks, for me, and for my son. Everything we do, weather buying school clothes, going to a movie, going to get an ice cream cone, I have to make sure I can get a ride. I hate having to clear my work schedule with my mother, so she can schedule her life around mine. S.G. changed all of that. Needless to say, my mother is beyond happy, and is ready to adopt S.G. as her own.

I’m not sure when I am going back to Baltimore. Sam’s starting back to school soon, and life is going to start getting crazy. I do know, that I will be going in MY car, whenever that will be. Thanks to an amazing, sweet, generous woman, I suddenly have a whole lot more options.




























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