Work work work work work…….

So, work today was awesome. And by awesome I mean it sucked! Like for real sucked. If I haven’t mentioned before, I work for THE BANK. I came in today, at 10 in the morning, on a Sunday, which already means nothing good is going to happen today. However, on this particular Sunday, when we came in, our fire alarm was going off non stop. A high pitched, never ending, make your eardrums bleed sound that was barley noticeable in the lobby area, but in the drive thru, where I would be spending the next five and a half hours was loud enough to wake the dead. Awesome.

SO, my head teller called our supervisor, who told us to call our physical security department. Great. No problem. Except our directory lists no less then 15 numbers for physical security. So, with three of us there, we divided the numbers between us, and each started dialing. Not one of the calls were answered. Perfect!!!

After several more phone calls, Head Teller finally talked to a real person at THE BANK and was told, “Oh, yeah. It’s been going off all night.”

Wait, what?

Our FIRE ALARM has been going off all night, and no one, not even the FIRE DEPARTMENT has tried to figure out why?? (This is the point at witch I close my eyes and repeat the phrase “I love my job” over and over to myself)

After an hour and a half of calling God knows who, I am told that EMERGENCY SERVICES will be out to fix the ungodly noise within the hour. I whisper a small prayer of thanks, and try to ignore the HORRIBLE DRILL INSIDE MY BRAIN that this noise has become.

Five hours later, 20 minutes before we close, someone comes to fix our alarm. Someone who speaks almost no English. Who immediately informs us we need a password to stop the alarm. Which no one has.   You have GOT to be kidding me with this shit!

Several phone calls, and 20 minutes after closing time, the ungodly noise is turned off, and we are informed that in case of an actual fire, we now have no alarm system.

Why are we the only bank opened on Sundays???

Next weekend I will be in Maryland at SG’s house. I hope they have a much easier time at work than I did today. As for me? I stopped at the liquor store, (also conveniently opened on Sunday!) for not one but TWO bottles of wine. I am now going to drink my wine, and watch Big Brother with my son, and try to forget that I have to go back to the same place, sans fire alarm tomorrow.

I hope you all had a better Sunday than I did!


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