Let’s Go Crazy

November22, 1984. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Stadium. I was 16 years old. I was going to a concert, one I really wanted to see, but that wasn’t why I was so excited that night. I was going with Michelle, and that was the most exciting thing in the world to me. Two weeks before, I had told her that I had feelings for her “more than just a friend”. Miracle of miracles, she said she felt the same way too. That information simultaneously thrilled me and scared me to death. The feelings were all still processing, and I was very confused, but the concert was our first “real date” and I was so excited. The night was perfect, the concert was Prince Purple Rain Tour.

When David Bowie died earlier this year, I was surprised by how deeply I felt the loss. His music had been pivotal in my teenage years, and I felt the loss as a piece of my childhood dying. This, this is different. Prince and his music are a part of my identity, something that cannot die. That concert, from the opening acts to the last, and best encore, are as real and as dear to me as my favorite memory. That night marked the beginning of a 4 year relationship, and the discovery of who I really am. Prince is not just a performer to me, he is my friend. Tonight, I miss my friend. RIP Prince. And, thank you. Just thank you.


Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life
Electric word life
It means forever and that’s a mighty long time
But I’m here to tell you
There’s something else...”


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