Unedited Honesty

So, after 3 or more years of not blogging, I have decided to take it up again, this time on my Shiny New Blog. The reason I am blogging is the same as always, it’s cheaper than therapy. What has happened in my life in the time I have been away is awesome, horrible, exciting, boring, and everything in between. My trainwreck of a life continues to chug on, continues to derail, and continues to get right the fuck back on the tracks. Yes, the italics are important. I am super proud of that little factoid.

So, unedited honesty. Several years ago,  my then girlfriend said she wanted to have a deeper relationship with me than she had ever had with anyone before me. “I want to know the whole you” she told me. “Good, bad, ugly. The parts you don’t tell anyone. Unedited honesty.” It should be mentioned that a mere week later, I discovered she was far from honest with me, and our relationship ended. I never forgot that term though. I have had countless conversations with people about unedited honesty, weather it’s possible, and even weather it’s advisable. I like to think it is. I like to think that we can be gut level honest as human beings, and still be accepted and loved.  I’m not sure, but I like to think so. Anyway, here at least, I am going to be honest. Unedited. I invite you to do the same, here, without fear of judgement. This could be a great idea. It also could be the single most ridiculous thing I ever came up with, only time will tell. In the meantime, please, get a drink, pull up a chair, and make yourself comfortable in my little corner of the interwebs.