reconnections.netI love words. I think that even as a child I was aware on some level the power words have over people. I believe in words, I put my trust in them, more than I do in people.

Words can make you fall in love. They can restore your faith. They can enable you to see inside another persons heart, and allow others to see inside yours.

I share my words freely, with abandon, or at least I once did. There is a very real and present danger in doing that, because then you are open, exposed, vulnerable.

Words can break your heart, shatter your soul. Sometimes this can be unintentionally done by someone who does not understand the power of their words, but more often it is intentional, and cruel. These words are brandished like weapons, sharp as swords, cutting to the quick. The victim of these attacks are scarred, and forever changed, for better or worse.

I shared my words with you today. I don’t know if you acknowledged them for the gift they were meant to be, or the frightening power I gave you. Now, you can take those words, twist them and hurl them back at me with venom and malice the way you did once before. Or you can keep them, see them for the olive branch they are, and nurture them into friendship. The choice is yours. They are, after all, just words.


A woman sits, staring at the blinking cursor on the computer screen. It’s waiting for her to begin, waiting to fly back and forth over the screen, dancing to the quiet tune of the keyboard as she pours out the words trapped in her heart.  Finally, she begins.

After a few short paragraphs, she shakes her head in sadness and frustration. “Too dangerous,” she whispers to the empty room.  An apology to cover her weakness. Reluctantly she relegates the newest entry to the long list in her draft pile that has been building for months. “Soon,” she promises herself, no longer sure if she can believe her own words.

A Human Race Issue

Twenty- two year old Chrissy Polis had to use the bathroom.  She entered a McDonalds, where she made a purchase which was required in order to use the restroom.  After paying, she went into the lady’s room.  This is where the problems began for her.  Chrissy is a transgendered woman.  She lives her life as a woman, and has for many years, but, biologically she is still male.  Two young girls in the bathroom at the time started screaming “This is a male in a woman’s bathroom.”  Chrissy walked out of the restroom, and was followed.  The beating that followed was nothing short of sickening.  She tried to defend herself, but the girls far outweighed, as well as out numbered her.  She tried to walk away, but was attacked repeatedly.  The restaurant staff did….nothing.  Everyone in the restaurant, including the manager, watched this brutal beating which ended with Chrissy having a seizure. One sweet older woman did step in, and was punched in the face.    One employee did grab his cell phone, not to call for help, but to tape the entire beating.  The video, which not surprisingly went viral on youtube, ends with the manager telling the girls that they better leave before the police get there.

This happened in Maryland, no more than 10 minutes from where I live.  I know Chrissy. Not well, but she is a regular customer of mine.  The thing that sticks out in my mind about her is that she is one of the most genuinely happy people I know.  She is hilariously funny, and always makes everyone around her laugh.  Why is it that some people are so threatened by other people’s happiness?

In the weeks since the attack, I have heard it described as many things.  It’s been called a hate crime, because the attackers are African-American, and Chrissy is white.  It has been called a civil rights issue, which I absolutely agree with.  What I haven’t heard, and what I am so angry about, is that this is a human rights issue.  We all occupy this planet.  We don’t all agree, and that is fine. However, we cannot allow people to stop anyone from living their lives, in whatever way is right for them.  We don’t have to agree, we don’t even have to accept it, but for the sake of the human race, we do have to live peacefully.